Root Explorer Pro Apk Download v4.7 Latest Version 2017

If you are looking for the best file manager for your rooted android device then my friend you are in the right place.  Root Explorer is one of the best apps which you can use to manage your files, you can access the whole file system in the android devices which also means you can easily access the elusive folder as well.  it also enables you to edit root directories, system folder (of-course root permissions are required), text file editor etc. all you need to do is just provide this app with root permissions to this app and you can easily access all the folders and files on your android device it really doesn’t matter where the files are stored, they may be in SD card or even in system folder.

Root Explorer
Root Explorer

You can easily install this app on your phone, but if your phone is not rooted then you can’t access the directories which require root level access. Hence it is recommended that you should install this app on a rooted device so that you can easily take advantage of all the features of Root Explorer apk. Here we will discuss how you can install this app on your Android device. and to give you the complete idea of its features we will be mentioning installation process and other used for the Rooted Android device only.  The best part about this app is that it even works really smooth on the low-end devices.

Root Explorer Pro Apk Download v4.7 Latest Version

How to Install Root Explorer Apk?

This app is very easy to download root explorer pro apk and install all you need to do is just follow the instructions given below

1. First of all, download Root explorer pro apk from official website of root explorer Android app.

2.As this is a third party installation you need to enable the Installation from unknown sources. to do that you just need to go to Settings then security and then Tick on the Unknown sources.

3.After you have done that you can just go to the location where you have stored the apk file and click on it to start the installation process

4.That’s it, now you can start editing or removing files as per your convenience.

Before you install root explorer pro apk, make sure your Android phone is rooted or have root access, which is must for having root explorer app. To root your Android device make sure you download any of the one click rooting apps for Android, download towelroot v4 apk or v5 apk from the official website or download framaroot apk.

Root Explorer Apk Features,

Root Explorer Apk
Root Explorer Apk

As I have mentioned before this app has so many features. Once you have completed the installation process you can easily find following features in this Root Explorer.

  • With the help of Root Explorer, you can easily manage and handle files with any extension, for example, you can easily handle files with extensions like .MP3,Zip etc.
  • Sharing files with this app becomes very easy. You can share using Bluetooth or even email. all you need to do is just click on the share button.
  • Viewing of the basic details about the file is now so much easy with the help of this app
  • Root Explorer apk allows you to even create a shortcut for any file or folder that you like.
  • This app also comes with inbuilt music player and video player so you can simply play movies or songs in this app only so there is no need for third party apps

    Download Root Explorer Pro Apk
    Download Root Explorer Pro Apk
  • File  operations like Copy, Paste, Delete, Move from one location to another is very easy in this app
  • This app also provides you with in built text editor so you can easily bookmark files and folders
  • Root Explorer apk also comes with the in built search option which allows you to search for files. all you need to do is just enter the file name and hit the search button
  • If you have any private files which contain sensitive data, then with the help of Root Explorer you can keep them hidden all you need to do is just a few clicks
  • My personal favourite is that this app allows you to open multiple tabs and keep on using it without any interruption or crash
  • It also provides support for online storage for google drive, dropbox etc.
  • It also has  SQLite database viewer and multiple select for files with options like  remount files, send files via Bluetooth, email etc
  • The only issue with this app that it shows ads while using it. But you can also remove them with the help of lucky patcher
  • A way better tool than normal file manager for managing all of your files and accessing the root folders without any hassle



Root Explorer apk is one of the best file managers on the market, it is even available on the play store. you can take the full advantage of this app if your android device is rooted. Root explorer apk supports most of the Android operating systems. It shows some ads while you are using it, But you can always remove them with help of lucky patcher or CreeHack.

Hope you able to download root explorer pro apk latest version from this official website, is if let us know in the comment section below.